CEO Message

In the name of God

First of all, thanks to all stakeholders,members of boards, managers, engineers, hardworking employees and factory workers, officials and executive staff and all those organizations, for success and prosperity of Kimia Zanjan Gostaran company cooperated.

The big and powerful family of Kimia Zanjan Gostaran Company believes firmly that with proper planning, implementation, organizational discipline,years of prowe science, technology and accumulated valuable experience of years in production and exports in industrial and mining areas and also using the power of thought, engineers, workers and employees who make up the core capital,obstacles and constraints can be left behind and the prospect of a brighter horizons open to customer satisfaction at the core of the contract.

Approach to enhancing production efficiency and product quality, product technology science, using modern technology and environmental protection of the fundamental objectives of the company that utilizes the features,capabilities and promote the realization of the company will be considered.

Legalism, strengthening the monitoring and control systems, applying scientific attitude, targeted marketing, based on proper interaction with the audience, creativity and innovation, transparency of financial statements and selected partners based on meritocracy, maintaining the continuity of the achievements and successes of Kimia Zanjan Gostaran Company will guarantee.

In the end, we hope that with God’s blessing and our colleagues continuous efforts,we can provide a brilliant record of success to our respected stakeholders.


God bless you all


Kimia Zanjan Gostaran Company – CEO